Regulations governing state examinations (Staatsexamensklausuren) from autumn 2011 (POL I)

New regulations governing state examinations (Staatsexamensklausuren) from autumn 2011 (POL 1)

1.    The examination in practical language use has been eliminated with immediate effect.
2.    Students can continue to choose a technical written examination as before.
3.    In accordance with the POL 1 regulations, students can choose between a course content related or a free topic
 a)    Examinations in the subject areas of
Linguistics (Anderwald, Meyer, Wode)
Cultural studies (Fleischmann, Huck)
Methodology (Bahns, Haas)
Literary studies (Fleischmann)
are considered "free topics"
"Free topic" means that the examination covers a subject (potentially with several sub-areas) dealing with the course content of an advanced seminar (although not necessarily limited to this) or with subject matter that has been agreed individually with the examiner.


b)   Examinations in the subject areas of

Literary studies (Fleischmann, Horatschek, Zimmermann)
Cultural studies (Fleischmann)
Methodology (Haas)

are considered "course content related topics".

"Course content related topic" also refers to content covered within the framework of an advanced seminar, and means that students are expected to analyse one or more text excerpts as well as answer one or more questions regarding the material covered in the seminar. It is possible that topics can be agreed individually.
All four technical areas (literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies and methodology) can be chosen for final examination, with the restriction that both literary studies and linguistics must be examined in written or spoken form.

You can find an overview of the possible combinations here.

 Please register, as previously, with your examiner as well as with Frau Soll.