Anglistik/Nordamerikanistik (Zwei-Fächer-Masterstudiengang)

The majority of the world is influenced by American and British cultural products which range from literature to Pop culture. Furthermore, the English language is spoken by a quarter of the world's population and with its 370 million native speakers English is one of the most widespread mother tongues. If the English language is your personal lingua franca and you have a blazing interest in linguistic as well as literary topics and methodologies, you are the right fit for this study program at the English Department!

In the study field of literary and cultural studies, you will be concerned with comparative studies as well as cultural analysis in order to meet key challenges in the area in a differentiated, reflexive, and analytical manner. The main focus in the field of linguistics is put on the variability of the English language and its methodological description.

Please note the following admission requirements:

  • Completed Bachelor's degree in the respective field of studies
  • Language requirements (for further information click here)


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