Marco Wiemann

Early career researcher

LS10 – R.231
Telefon: +49-431-880-2679

Doctoral research project:

Tracing the History of Pronunciation in Nineteenth-century English (preliminary dissertation title)

Basic Course (Summer 2021):

Students who wish to participate in a Basic Course but have not managed to sign up yet are asked to be patient and to check QIS regularly as the number of seats per class will be raised step by step. If there are still students without a class by the end of the registration period, they will be allocated to one of the classes by lot.

Office hours:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no office hours taking place any time soon. Furthermore, you cannot reach me via my university phone number. However, should you have any queries, do not hesitate to write me an e-mail. There is also the possibility of arranging a video call if necessary.

Research Interests

  • 19th century prescriptivism and grammar writing
  • enregisterment and indexicality in 19th century dialects of English
  • historical phonology
  • English phonetics and phonology
  • the interplay between dialect and identity
  • multicultural urban dialects in England


since October 2019 Early career researcher (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter) at Kiel University
October 2019 Master of Arts in English and American Literatures, Cultures and Media at Kiel University. MA thesis title: Multicultural London English in Grime Music
April 2017–October 2019 Research assistant to Prof Dr Lieselotte Anderwald
September 2016–March 2017 Semester abroad at Durham University, UK
April 2016 Bachelor of Arts in English and North American Studies and Philosophy at Kiel University. BA thesis title: Dialect and Identity in British Indie Music: A Diachronic Study of Arctic Monkeys



Winter 2020/21

  • Sociolinguistics

Summer 2020

  • The Phonetics and Phonology of Accents of the British Isles
  • The Structure of English: Basic Course

Winter 2019/20

  • The Phonetics and Phonology of Accents of the British Isles


  • Wiemann, Marco. 2020. "Phonetics and Phonology (2018)." (Part of chapter one "English Language".) Year's Work in English Studies 99: 23–31.