Curriculum Vitae

Nov. 1980: began studying English and French at the University of Würzburg with the dual aim of attaining an M.A. degree and the academic qualifications for becoming a grammar school teacher; also studied Spanish for two years
Oct. 1982
Mar. 1983:
studied at Bangor University (Wales; full DAAD scholarship); linguistics classes under Prof. Andrew Radford
Oct. 1983
Mar. 1984:

studied at Poitiers University (France; full DAAD scholarship)
Jul. 1986: Master’s degree at Würzburg University; subjects: ‘English philology’ (linguistics, main subject), ‘American philology’ and ‘Romance philology’ (French linguistics)
autumn 1987: state exam in the subjects English and French at Würzburg University
Nov. 1987
Sep. 1988:
postgraduate studies in Linguistic data- und information processing at Würzburg University (with postgraduate degree)
1991: PhD degree in the subjects ‘English philology’ (linguistics), ‘American literature’ and ‘Romance philology’ (French linguistics); Thesis: Das englische Perfekt [Perfective aspect in English] (publ. 1992, Tübingen: Niemeyer)
1998: habilitation (post-doctoral degree) completed; teaching authorization (‘venia legendi’) for the field ‘English philology’; postdoctoral thesis: Determination in der englischen Nominalphrase: Eine korpuslinguistische Studie [Determination in the English noun phrase: A corpus-based study] (published 2000, Heidelberg: Winter; series: Anglistische Arbeiten)
ST 1999,
WT 1999/2000:

substitute professor of English linguistics at Bayreuth University
ST 2000
WT 2001/02:
substitute professor of English linguistics at Magdeburg University
since WT 2002/03: full professor of English linguistics at Kiel University