C. Kunze

Adjectives in Victorian Fiction

This website accompanies the book “Hectic, hippic and hygienic: Adjectives in Victorian Fiction – A Semantic Analysis by Chris Kunze (Peter Lang, 2009). Above all, it provides the language material that forms the basis for the investigation of adjectives in Victorian fiction – as exemplified by the novels The Time Machine (Herbert George Wells), The Lifted Veil (George Eliot) and My Lady’s Money (Wilkie Collins).
About the book
The language material*
*  Note that the tables found here do not only contain an overview of living affixes used in the novels for the adoption of new words, but of etymological formatives of primarily foreign origin as well, which may no longer be directly noticeable within a word due to processes of assimilation or reduction. For further details on this stem-based or morpheme-based approach to word formation cf. Baeskow (2004) and Adams (2001).