Non-tutored L2-acquisition of English by German children


In 1975 the four German children of the 1969-1974 project, then aged 4;0 - 9;0, were taken to northern California, USA, for 6 months to be studied for how they would learn English as their L2 in a naturalistic setting. The data were collected longitudinally via (a) notes taken spontaneously on the scene of action, (b) tape recordings of spontaneous interactions, and (c) experimental elicitation. Almost every day was covered. The structural areas focused on include phonology, inflectional morphology, early sentence patterns, negation, interrogation, the lexicon, and the use of pronouns.

Principal collaborators: H. Burmeister, J. Bahns, O. Bohn, T. Vogel, D. Ufert, A. Hohenscheidt, A. Rohde, P. Burmeister.