Berit Johannsen

Berit Johannsen

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin / Teaching assistant

R. 216
Tel.: +49 431 880 3337
E-mail: johannsen(at)

Sprechstunden / Office hours:
n.V. per Mail / by appointment via email


Forschungsinteressen / Research interests


  • Grammatical and semantic variation and change (Focus on periphrastic verbal constructions)
  • Construction Grammar and usage-based approaches to language (change)
  • Interactional Linguistics
  • Corpus-linguistic methods
  • Old English


In my PhD thesis (completed July 2021) I combined cognitive and interactional approaches in order to describe the meaning variation of have-NP-past participle sequences in informal conversations from a usage-based perspective.


Publikationen / Publications

  • Johannsen, Berit. To appear. She has a stadium named after her – Meaning variation in spoken interaction. Constructions and Frames Special Issue.
  • Johannsen, Berit. 2016. From possessive-resultative to perfect? Re-assessing the meaning of [hæbb- + past participle] constructions in Old English prose. In Valentin Werner, Elena Seoane & Cristina Suárez-Gómez (eds.), Re-assessing the present perfect: Corpus studies and beyond, 23–42. Berlin: De Gruyter.


Vorträge auf Konferenzen / Conference papers


Gastvorträge / Invited talks

  • 2018. "Is this the real grammaticalization? Is this just language change? The have-perfect in Old English". Université de Neuchâtel, November 26.

  • 2016. "Reassessing and rethinking the history of the English have-perfect". VARIENG, University of Helsinki, February 18.


Lehrveranstaltungen / Teaching

  • Cognitive Grammar (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2018 (x2), Fall 2019 (x)
  • Construction Grammar (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2020
  • Word Formation (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2017 (x2), Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2020 (x2), Spring 2021 (x2)
  • Lexical Semantics (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Spring 2017 (x2), Fall 2017 (x2), Fall 2019 (x2), Fall 2020 (x2)
  • Early Modern English (MA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2016 (x2)
  • Morphology (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2016 (x2)
  • The Structure of English: Basic Course in Linguistics (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Spring 2016 (x2), Spring 2017 (x3), Spring 2018 (x3), Spring 2019 (x3), Spring 2021 (x2)
  • Morphology and Syntax from Shakespeare to Today (MA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2015 (x3)
  • English Morphology from a Historical Perspective (BA)
    CAU Kiel: Fall 2015 (x2), Spring 2016 (x2)
  • Semantics (BA)
    Freie Universität Berlin: Fall 2014
  • Introduction to Linguistics (BA)
    Freie Universität Berlin: Fall 2013, Fall 2014 (x2)
  • History of English (BA)
    Freie Universität Berlin: Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014