Somersemester 2020

Prof. Dr. Christian Huck gab im Sommersemester 2020 folgende Kurse:


Title: Research Colloquium Cultural Studies

Course: Colloquium

Time and LocationWed, 12:15 - 13:45, LS10, R.201

Inhalt: The research colloquium course is a forum where graduate and PhD-students are exposed to the most current research in the field of cultural studies. The main purpose of the research colloquium is to provide guidance, mentorship, and encouragement to young investigators in the early phases of their training; it provides students and researchers with an opportunity to discuss their works in progress (Master’s thesis, dissertation, or else) and to receive feedback from their colleagues and peers on their research. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to read and discuss current original research papers from the field of cultural studies. 
All master students who are currently writing, or planning to write their thesis in the field of cultural studies, or who are just interested in discussing current cultural studies, are invited to this course. If you would like to present an outline/proposal of your thesis, please send me an email (


Title: New Media, Digital Media/Film and Hyperculture: Digital Divides

Course: Seminar

Time and LocationTue, 14:15 - 15:45, LS6, R22/23

Inhalt: Telecommunication media in general, and Social Media-applications more specifically, are said to bring people together and help form communal bonds. However, access to digital media infrastructures as well as the adoption and deployment of digital media applications is unequally distributed between people of different ethnicities, gender, income, age, education, region etc. The seminar will thus explore the cultural restrictions that determine the use of digital media as well as the impact this has on cultural representations circulating on such media. We will look at the laying of fiberglass-cables in Upstate New York, incidents like Gamergate, which brought the gender-hierarchies within the world of coding and gaming to the fore, as well as at new developments within the distribution of pop music, which circumnavigate established gatekeepers of the music industry.