Diversity and Equality Counselling

Do you feel left out or excluded?

Have your experienced or been a witness to unjust or bullying treatment by staff at the English department or fellow students related to your own or somebody else's race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and/or health situation/disability/carer responsibility?

Do you have any concerns regarding the treatment of you and/or your fellow students inside and outside the class room or in exam situations, pertaining to questions of equality, access or discrimination?

To ensure that the English department remains a safe space were everyone can learn and pursue their interests, the department has appointed two staff members as liaison lecturers [Vertrauensdozenten] who function as intermediaries between students, other staff members and counseling services. They represent a working group that is responsible for raising and developing support regarding diversity and equality in the English department.

Dr. Melissa Schuh joined the English department in 2018. She is a post-doc research fellow and lecturer at the chair of British literature and her research interests include life writing, fiction, and seriality in modern and contemporary literature.

Dorothee Marx has been working at the department since 2016. She is a doctoral researcher and lecturer at the chair of American literature and researches the connections between disability, trauma, chronic illness and time in contemporary literature.

As liaison lecturers for equality and diversity we offer the possibility to discuss your concerns, to pass them on (if you wish, anonymously) to other members of staff and can help you find and access further resources and counselling/advice services.

You can reach out to us via email to schuh@anglistik.uni-kiel.de or marx@anglistik.uni-kiel.de to make an appointment. You’re also welcome to come to our regular office hours which are listed here (https://www.anglistik.uni-kiel.de/de/mitarbeiterinnen).

Our counterparts on the faculty and university level are Dr. Lisa Jeschke (diversity officer for the philosophical faculty, jeschke@anglistik.uni-kiel.de ) and Eddi Steinfeldt-Mehrtens (diversity officer for the university, diversitaetsbeauftragte_r@email.uni-kiel.de ).