Visiting Professor

Since 1982 the CAU has invited a Visiting Professor from Canada each summer term. The guest lecturer teaches in one of the institutions affiliated with the Center for North American Studies and delivers the Canadian Summer Lecture which is also open to the public. 

Up until today, the English Department was proud to host the following lecturers:

SoSe/ST 2014: Prof. Dr. Anthony Enns, Dalhousie University, Halifax

SoSe/ST 2013: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Soennecken, York University Toronto

SoSe/ST 2012: Prof. Stefan Dollinger, University of British Columbia

SoSe/ST 2011: Prof. Richard Cavell, University of British Columbia

SoSe/ST 2010 & 2008: Prof. Anthony John Harding, University of Sasketchewan

SoSe/ST 2007: Prof. Dr. Jack K. Chambers, University of Toronto

SoSe/ST 2005: Prof. Dr. David Arnason, University of Manitoba/ Winnipeg

SoSe/ST 2002: Prof. Dr. Nicole Markotic, University of Calgary

SoSe/ST 1999: Prof. Dr. Allan Smith, University of British Columbia

SoSe/ST 1996: Prof. Dr. Marjorie Bingham Wesche, University of Ottawa

SoSe/ST 1995: Prof. Dr. Smaro Kamboureli, University of Victoria, BC

SoSe/ST 1990: Prof. Dr. Stephen A.C. Scobie, University of Victoria, BC

SoSe/ST 1984: Prof. Dr. Rudy Wiebe, University of Alberta

SoSe/ST 1983: Prof. Dr. Aritha van Herk, University of British Columbia, today: University of Calgary