"Changing lifes, and opening minds" - this is one of the official slogans of the EU-exchange program: Erasmus +. This program is designed to strengthen transnational co-operations between higher education facilities by promoting mobility for students and teaching staff. If you are interested in broadening your horizon, in immersing into the culture of your host country and in entering the fray of the everyday university life of your host university, we have just the right offer for you:

Whether this journey will take you to England, Rumania, Scotland, or Estonia - your adventure abroad awaits you!

Please click on the logos below if you wish to inquire about the respective partner universities:

University of Portsmouth

University of Iasi

University of Aberdeen

University of Tartu




Information on the Application Process

If you wish to participate in the Erasmus+ program, you may apply for a place of study at one of our partner universities. Please hand in your application for the winter term of a respective year directly to Dr. Blöhdorn (Erasmus+ Coordinator of the English Department) until January 15th of said year. You application must consist of the following documents:

  • CV
  • letter of motivation
  • transcript of records





Erasmus+ Coordinator

Dr. Lars M. Blöhdorn

Englisches Seminar der CAU zu Kiel

Leibnizstraße 10, R. 223

24118 Kiel


Tel. 0431-880-3338