English and American Literatures, Cultures, and Media

The majority of the world is influenced by American and British cultural products which range from literature to pop culture. To gain a better understanding of the impact of these products on modern society, an analysis of their linguistic and medial foundations as well as the mediation of traditions and general conditions in terms of form and content are important to comprehend the mode of action of cultural products on pictures of reality and norms. The four-semester M.A. program English and American Literatures, Cultures and Media builds on a B.A. in English and American studies (or a comparable degree). Besides media and cultural-scientific theories, this M.A. program provides access to relevant literature and media history as well as media-specific aesthetic traditions which include, among others, contemporary art and literature, current movies, music videos  and computer games, as well as their cultural and historical foundations.

A thematic focus is placed on the discussion of individual and collective descriptions as well as on practical language use. The orientation on current research discourses lets you acquire a differentiated in-depth knowledge of complex cultural phenomena. Additionally, you will gain the methodical expertise which qualifies you for a wide range of work fields. This M.A. program prepares you well for further university qualifications and offers the possibility to work in small groups in order to gain a better understanding of British and North American cultures and their representation.

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