How do identity and culture shape the way we speak? How much German is left in the Pennsylvania Dutch spoken by the Amish in the United States? Do social media ruin the English language? Does the choice of words in gender-specific advertisements have an impact on the language of their readers? These are just a few questions which the papers in this edited volume seek to answer. The papers in this volume deal with various cultural and social discourses and how they influence the development of the English language. A number of interesting aspects are touched – most of these are considered 'normal' from an everyday perspective. However, they present fascinating phenomena which deserve an in-depth linguistic analysis. Among other topics, metaphorical expressions in the language use of U.S. presidential campaigns are examined and analyzed. Moreover, the notion of Orientalism is investigated in a modern context.

This volume is the result of student research within the framework of a graduate course in English linguistics at the Kiel University English Department.