North American Studies Prof. Dr. Jutta Zimmermann

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The section North American Studies is part of the bachelor program ‘Anglisik/Nordamerikanistik’ and the masters programs ‘English and American Literatures, Cultures, Media (M.A.),’ ‘Anglistik/Nordamerikanistik (M.A.)’ and ‘Englisch (M.Ed.)’, all of which are offered by the CAU's English Department. Furthermore, it is affiliated to the Center for North American Studies, which combines several disciplines and institutes that do research on topics related to North America. The ZNAS (Zentrum für Nordamerikastudien), which is helmed by Prof. Dr. Jutta Zimmermann, also incorporates the Center for Canadian Studies, which not only provides Canada-related teaching, but also organizes extracurricular events and excursions. Each summer, an arts scholar from Canada is active and teaches at one of the institutes affiliated to the ZNAS.

Apart from the America-related teaching at the respective institutes the ZNAS offers - within the context of the ‘Profil Fachergänzung’ - a module on language praxis and on subject-specific topics each semester.