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Course materials are availabe on OLAT. For course descriptions and prerequisites see UnivIS

Winter term 2021/2022:

  • From the Phoneme to the Word (B.A.): Usage-based morphology
  • Language Variation and Change (M.A.): The dynamics of the linguistic system

previous courses:

  • The Structure of English: A basic course in linguistics
  • From the Phoneme to the Word: An introduction to cognitive semantics, Usage-based morphology, Introduction to English morphology, Lexical semantics, Words in the mind
  • Beyond the Word: An introduction to usage-based Construction Grammar, Corpus-based approaches to modality, Modal verbs, Modality 
  • Academic Skills: Academic reading and writing
  • Schreibwerkstatt Linguistik


PUBLICATIONS (peer-reviewed)

  • in prep. Constraints, expansion and productivity of [GET POSS X on].
  • 2021. Contractions, constructions and constructional change: Investigating the constructionhood of English modal contractions from a diachronic perspective. In Martin Hilpert, Bert Cappelle & Ilse Depraetere (eds.), Modality and diachronic construction grammar, 12–52. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

  • 2020. Revisiting global and intra-categorial frequency shifts in the English modals: A usage-based, constructionist view on the heterogeneity of modal development. In Pascal Hohaus & Rainer Schulze (eds.), Re-assessing modalising expressions: Categories, co-text, and context, 17–46. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

  • 2017. On the development of modals and semi-modals in American English in the 19th and 20th centuries. Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English 19. 


CONFERENCE PAPERS (peer-reviewed)

  • 2021. (with David Lorenz). It won't hurt to consider them constructions: A mixed-method approach to storage and processing of English modal contractions. Paper presented at ICCG11, Aug 18–20, 2021, Antwerp.
  • 2021. (with Berit Johannsen). Getting used to usage: On the benefits of teaching usage-based linguistics early on. Paper presented at ISLE6, June 2–5, 2021, Joensuu. 
  • 2019a. Get your ICAME on: Constraints, expansion and productivity of [GET POSS X on]. Paper presented at ICAME40, June 1–5, Neuchâtel.
  • 2019b. The recent life of the English [GET POSS X on] construction. Paper presented at SLE2019, Aug 21–24, Leipzig.
  • 2018. How many modals are there again? A diachronic construction grammar approach to English modal contractions. Paper presented at ICCG10, July 16–18, Paris.
  • 2015. Modal and quasi-modal development in 19th and 20th century American English: Evidence from COHA and COCA. Paper presented at d2e, Oct 19–22, Helsinki.



  • 2019. John Sinclair Bursary, ICAME40, Neuchâtel. [Award for delivering the best research paper by a PhD candidate]



  • Variation and change of modal expressions in AmE



  • Modal expressions
  • Construction grammar
  • Usage-based morphology
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Corpus linguistics