Victoria Allen

Zwei Studenten und eine Tasse Kaffee


Victoria Allen M.A.


Interested in applied cultural theories and popular culture studies, qualitative research methods, cultural construction of myth and memory, gender studies, politics of representation and identity.  Current focus on football fan culture and its commodification and forms of representations in contemporary UK music.



PhD working title"North(eastern) Narratives: Representations of 'northernness' in the North-East of England today"

Academic and working experience

Studied for a joint honours B.A. in English Literature and Culture and Gender Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland, before completing an M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Studies at the University of Newcastle, England.

Gained experience in communicating and applying cultural theories and practices in working for a Basel based project-management office specializing in the cultural sector. Projects included researching the content, developing, organizing and communicating museum exhibitions and cinema events with historical film-sources and developing and teaching gender and job role workshops in higher educational settings.

After working as assistant and subsequently project-coordinator for the security/fraud and misconduct department of a Swiss international pharmaceutical company, returned to academic research and teaching focusing on Media and Culture Studies in the English Department at the Christian-Albrecht Universität in Kiel, Germany.

Seminars taught at CAU:

  •       WS 2016/2017: Media, Culture and Politics: Football Culture
  •       SS 2017:            Media, Culture and Politics: Forms of Cultural Representation

                                           in Contemporary British Music

  •       WS 2017/2018: Intermedial Comparative Analysis: Screening the North-East
  •       SS 2018:            Media, Culture and Politics: Exhibiting the North



English Seminar Room 208: If you would like to set up a meeting, please send me an email (