Wintersemester 2016/17

Prof. Dr. Christian Huck gab im Wintersemester 2016/17 folgende Kurse:

Titel: Introduction to the Study of British and American Culture

Art der Veranstaltung: Vorlesung

Zeit und Ort: Di, 14-16h, Raum n.V. 

Inhalt: What is culture, and what is its function? What is the role of media in culture? And what of humans? And why should you study culture? The lecture course introduces central topics, terms and objects of cultural studies as well as theories and ideas central to English Studies as a whole. We will focus on different concepts of culture and its relation to mass media, cultural memory and questions of representation and identity. Various examples from British and American cultures are used to illustrate these terms and concepts. The second part of the course presents core historilcal developments within British and American cultures. The tutorials accompanying the lecture course offer the chance to discuss the contents of the course in a smaller group. There will be a 60-minute final exam.



Titel: Tutorenbetreuung zur Vorlesung 'Introduction to the Study of British and American Culture'

Art der Veranstaltung: Übung

Zeit und Ort: Mittwochs, 10-12h, LS6, 22/23

Inhalt: This seminar is a supplement to the lecture course “Introduction to the Study of British and American Culture”. Here, we will discuss in depth the topics covered in the lecture course. Also, the course accompanies the tutorials the master students give to the bachelor students, and will provide ample room for reflecting questions concerning the teaching of cultural theory.


Titel: Material Culture: Cultures of Food

Art der Veranstaltung: Seminar

Zeit und Ort: Dienstags, 16-18h, Raum n.V. 

Inhalt: On first view, there seems to be nothing more real, more physical and material than the food we consume: humans must eat, nourishment is a basic need. However, consuming and preparing food takes on a myriad of different forms within different cultures. Throughout the seminar we will study how this most basic of human activities is ‘cultured’ by making it part of specific symbolic systems and how cultures of food become central to processes of identity construction, but also how cultures of food are determined by material and economic factors. We will look at ‘typical’ British and American foodways, as well as the reception, transformation and adaptation of ‘other’ foodways.