Sommersemester 2016

Prof. Dr. Christian Huck gab im Sommersemester 2016 folgende Kurse:

Titel: Film and Hyperculture: LAN-Parties and the Socialization of the Digital

Art der Veranstaltung: Seminar

Zeit und Ort: Dienstags, 12-14h, LS6, 22/23

Inhalt: Around the year 2000, LAN-parties became a phenomenon that attracted world-wide media attention. The fact that thousands of young people gathered in youth centers and gyms to play computer games became a source of wonder. Almost for the first time, the general public got to know what seemed like an entire new species: the gamer. First perceived as a dangerous creature from the dark, the gamer soon became the prototype of a more benign being, the nerd. --- By rehearsing this story, we will try to understand both what attracts people to playing computer games in a networked environment, and why traditional media found it so difficult to come to grips with this phenomenon, at least in the beginning. Further, we will look at how computer games and digital networks were domesticized throughout the 2000s and how the nerd arose as the new prototype of the digital age.


Titel: Media, Culture, and Politics: Jeans 

Art der Veranstaltung: Seminar

Zeit und Ort: Mittwochs, 10-12h, LS6, 22/23

Inhalt: Jeans are the most ubiquitous piece of garment to be worn all over the world; however, at the same time, they stand for the American way of dressing like no other fashion item. In the first part of the course, we will study the material history of the jeans as well as the most famous media representations that have informed the American image of the jeans. In a second step, we will then look at the spread of jeans throughout not only the Western world, and analyze the political implications of wearing a pair of jeans in different parts of the world.