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Renate Haas studied at the universities of Würzburg, Cardiff, and Regensburg and did her Referendariat (post-graduate teacher training) in Munich and Rohr. She has taught at seven universities in Germany and abroad.

Renate Haas has published widely on English literature and the development of English Studies, including an analysis of the formative period: V.A. Huber, S. Imanuel und die Formationsphase der deutschen Anglistik. Zur Philologisierung der Fremdsprache des Liberalismus und der sozialen Demokratie. Together with Balz Engler (University of Basel), she has initiated the EHES project: The European History of English Studies. Among its results are the two volumes European English Studies: Contributions towards the History of a Discipline (2000+2008). Cp. (
A further emphasis of Renate Haas lies in Gender Studies. In 2015, she edited Rewriting Academia: The Development of the Anglicist Women's and Gender Studies of Continental Europe. In it, twenty-five experts present surveys for their countries with a historical and European contextualization and offer fundamental insights not only for English Studies but also various other disciplines. A logical next step was to work towards a Gender Studies network of European Anglicists. See



Frankfurt, etc.: Peter Lang, 2015. 442 pp.

From a historical perspective, the full academic establishment of Women’s and Gender Studies is a radical and far-reaching innovation. Decisive impulses have come from the United States, the European unification and globalization. European Women’s and Gender Studies are therefore intimately linked to the English language and Anglophone cultures, as the near untranslatability of 'gender' shows. In this volume 25 experts present surveys for their countries and offer fundamental insights not only for English Studies but also various other disciplines.


The European History of English Studies

European English Studies: Contributions towards the History of a Discipline I. Ed. by Balz Engler and Renate Haas. Leicester: The English Association for ESSE, 2000.


European English Studies: Contributions towards the History of a Discipline II.
Ed. by Renate Haas and Balz Engler. Leicester: The English Association for ESSE, 2008.


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Selected Publications

1. Books

2009. With Albert Hamm. The University of Strasbourg and the Foundation of Continental English Studies / L’Université de Strasbourg et la fondation des études anglaises continentales / Die Universität Straßburg und die Etablierung der Anglistik auf dem Kontinent. European Studies in the History of Science and Ideas 16. Frankfurt: Lang. 230 pp.

1990. V. A. Huber, S. Imanuel und die Formationsphase der deutschen Anglistik: Zur Philologisierung der Fremdsprache des Liberalismus und der sozialen Demokratie. Frankfurt: Lang. VII + 382 pp. [Originally habilitation thesis, Univ. of Duisburg, 1987]

1985. Peter Nichols: A Day in the Death of Joe Egg. Düsseldorf: Bagel. 163 and 80 pp.

1980. Die mittelenglische Totenklage: Realitätsbezug, abendländische Tradition und individuelle Gestaltung. Frankfurt: Lang. 363 pp.
Awarded the Kulturpreis Ostbayern


2. Editorships


2015. Rewriting Academia. The Development of the Anglicist Women’s and Gender Studies of Continental Europe. Frankfurt: Lang, 2015. 442 pp.

2008 +
2000. With Balz Engler. European English Studies. Contributions towards the History of a Discipline I+II. Leicester: English Association for ESSE. 388 pp. + 246 pp.

1985. With C. Klein-Braley. Literatur im Kontext: Festschrift für Helmut Schrey. St. Augustin: Richarz. 459 pp.


3. Articles


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4. Reviews

Various reviews in Anglia, Archiv, Studies in the Age of Chaucer, and ZAA.


5. Articles in Latin

E.g. 1983. Latin review of Umberto Eco's Il nome della rosa. Vox Latina 19: 371-372. Rpt. in: R. Giovannoli (ed.). Saggi sul 'Il nome della rosa'. Milano: Bompiani, 1985, pp. 154-155 / Ensayos so­bre 'El nombre de la rosa'. Barcelona: Lumen, 1987, pp. 185-186; and in: B. Kroeber (ed.). Zeichen in Umberto Ecos Roman 'Der Name der Rose'. München: Hanser, 1987 / dtv 1989, pp. 162-163.